How Do You Get Your Message to Stick?

Keep the language simple and make the graphics pop!

Fortunately, we've already done the work for you.

Countless patient education strategies have come and gone over the years, but whiteboards have stood the test of time.


Because they are affordable and versatile, and they are so simple that anybody can relate to them.  And when presented correctly there is incredible power in that simplicity!

Nobody ever said that patient education has to be complicated.  But to be effective, it does need to be implemented with absolute consistency.

Kind of like getting adjusted, right?  You can’t take someone from chronically subluxated to healthy and well in one visit, and you won’t change a patient’s outside-in thinking in a day.

But continually and consistently feed them powerful, thought-provoking information and they begin to make the shift to the Big Idea.

What’s more, since our boards consist of chiropractic philosophy wrapped up in simple, familiar analogies, not only are they easily understood but patients identify with them and are able to effortlessly convey their messages to others.  Can you say referral?



Chiropractic White Boards gives you 52 illustrated images ready to go.  This is a CD collection of 52 photographed whiteboard images converted into PDF form that you simply copy onto your own whiteboard.

We give you all the ideas.  Since we’ve taken the thought process out of the equation for you, it takes just a few minutes to transfer them to your board.  And don’t worry…you don’t need to be an artist.  Graphics are important, but they don’t need to be works of art by any means.  Stick figures will do just fine.

Also includes 12 Bonus holiday/seasonal whiteboards.  These are “fun” holiday messages to be used in addition to the weekly boards.


Chiropractic Whiteboards CD




The Virtual Chiropractic Whiteboard combines Old School simplicity with today’s technology.  Just pop in the DVD to display a series of 60 rotating whiteboard images on your flatscreen TV.  Play it in your reception area, your adjusting rooms, anywhere that patients are sure to see it.

Put the consistency back into your patient education program and keep the chiropractic philosophy at the forefront of your patients’ minds.

Each volume contains 2 Hours of Chiropractic Philosophy on 60 Digitally Produced Whiteboard Slides. Purchase both volumes as a combo, and save big!

Virtual Whiteboard Combo

Includes both Volumes 1 & 2.


Virtual Whiteboard Vol. 1


Virtual Whiteboard Vol. 2