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Tap Into Your Vault of Archived Patients with Boomerang Reactivation Letters!

Boomerang Reactivation letters are designed with one goal in mind.  And that is to help you tap into one of the most underutilized sources of patient visits – your very own archived patient files.

For most doctors, there is a huge disparity between the number of patients they are helping on a weekly basis and the number of patient files that fill their shelves.

And while countless marketing dollars are spent on attracting new patients to your office, those abandoned files continue to go untapped.

Imagine how different your practice would look if even a small percentage of those patients were under active care again.

Now maybe you’re wondering why somebody who left you in the first place would want to come back to you.  After all, they are not with you anymore for a reason, right?  Perhaps you did something to offend them,  or something about your office rubbed them the wrong way.

Well in reality, it is most likely just the opposite.  The majority of chiropractic patients are extremely happy with the care they receive and are very pleased with their overall experience.  But as so often happens, life’s demands find a way of interfering with their care.  In fact, if you polled all of your archived patients, I would bet that the majority of them would say that they have been meaning to find their way back into your office but just never got around to doing so.

Now they have the reason, and the incentive, to take action and get back into your office and back on the track to healthy living.

Boomerang Reactivation Letters offer 5 fresh and distinct themes designed to spur your patients into action.  They are written  in a way that makes them easy to read, visually appealing, and most importantly, effective.

Each letter is designed to be “stuffed” with an accompanying item to help arouse curiosity and bolster the letter’s effectiveness.

Your Boomerang Letters Include:

The Penny Letter

Simple and to the point. Make your patients a fun and engaging offer they can’t refuse. Appropriate to use for almost any type of patient.Chiropractic Products

The Seed Letter

Draws a comparison between cultivating life from a seed, and nurturing life from a sick body. Perfect to use for a spring reactivation campaign.

Chiropractic MediaThe Card Letter

Brings to light the medical “smoke and mirrors” and reinforces the point that true health is so much more than simple symptom relief.

The Duct Tape Letter

Contrasts the “patch up” medical method with the true health and wellness provided by natural chiropractic care.

The Pen LetterChiropractic Patient Education

Plants the seed in your patient’s mind that you are ready for them and eagerly anticipating their return.



Get the results you're looking for with this letter-by-letter detailed implementation guide.

All letters are in editable Word format to allow for full customization.

Order Boomerang Reactivation Letters today and start putting all those patient files to good use!