Who Knew Your Walls Could Say So Much?

Excite your patients' visual senses with our bold, powerful posters designed to leave a lasting impact.

All of our posters are printed on heavy stock with an aqueous coating. This is similar to a clear coat on your car and will help keep your posters looking like the day you bought them.

  The Flock Poster

Blindly going along with the public consensus is rarely the best option. This poster graphically illustrates that outside-in healthcare is every bit as absurd as a flat world or an earth-centered universe, ideas that were once widely accepted as absolute truths. 18″x24″


Ball and Chain Poster

A powerful metaphor. Symptoms are placed in shadow as a byproduct of the subluxation. Graphically conveys to patients that pain or no pain, they will never achieve their true potential with a shackled nerve system. 18″x24″


Infinite Causes Poster

Expand patients beyond the mindset that subluxations must be preceded by physical trauma and bring them into the realm of chemical and emotional causes as well. No matter the cause, chiropractic is the correction. 18″x24″


Perception Poster

Motivate patients to have their friends and family checked for subluxations. Reinforces that non-symptomatic does not necessarily mean healthy. 18″x24″


Warning Signs Poster

Anchors an obscure term to an instantly recognizable sign. Designed to evoke questions and stimulate referrals. The bright, bold graphics are sure to make an immediate and lasting impact. 18″x24″