Our Patient Education Handout Series Make Your Job a Whole Lot Easier!

Simply customize them, print them, and get them into your patients' hands.

ACE Chiropractic Handouts

We've Stacked the Deck in Your Favor

A Year's Worth of Weekly Handouts Complete and Ready to Go!

When it comes to patient education, too many docs are missing the boat.  Whether it’s due to intimidation, apathy, or just a feeling of helplessness, chiropractic offices, and more importantly the communities they serve, are sorely lacking a consistent, systematized patient education strategy.

The world is full of fantastic, technically proficient chiropractors.  But unless these doctors are also great communicators, they simply will not be able to sustain a healthy patient base.

Call it leaky bucket syndrome, leaving out the back door, whatever…If people don’t understand WHY they are coming they definitely will not stick around for lifetime care.

Remember, patients don’t think like doctors, they don’t relate to “doctor-speak”, and they certainly don’t want to waste their valuable time trying to figure it out.

Chiropractic Patient Education

The most effective way to communicate complex concepts to patients is to distill them down to their absolute essence and then describe them in terms that patients can relate to.  Listen, I’m not suggesting that patients are stupid or unable to comprehend, but in order to truly motivate patients and create a practice full of loyal lifetime members, you need to engage them emotionally as well as intellectually.

ACE Chiropractic handouts are hard-hitting Chiropractic Philosophy wrapped up in concise, powerful, single-page handouts.

Get them into your patients’ hands on a weekly basis and you will absolutely strengthen their understanding of chiropractic way beyond symptom relief, get them dialed into lifetime chiropractic care, and have them sending in their friends and family.

Plug up the bucket! Bar the back door!  It’s time to start building the practice your community so desperately needs.



Habits for Life Handouts

Address the Most Common Questions Before They're Even Asked

How many times have you had patients ask you the same questions over and over?Chiropractic Handouts


“Hey Doc, how should I be sleeping again?

“I forget…do I use moist heat or ice on this?”

“What’s the best way to lift without getting injured?”

The Habits for Life Handout Series answers these questions and more.  The bottom line is that it saves you from repeatedly answering the same fundamental questions, while at the same time getting something tangible into patients’ hands that they can refer back to.

In addition, because many of the basic habits that patients should be practicing on a daily basis involve cervical rolls, lumbar supports, stability balls, etc., the Habits handout series can also increase your in-office product sales.

The Habits series consists of 12 patient handouts designed to streamline your visits by answering some of your patients’ most commonly asked questions.  Your responsibility is to adjust them.  Their responsibility is to take care of themselves outside of your office.  Habits for Life teaches them how.

Topics Include:

Moist Heat...Ice...Exercise...Nutrition...Lumbar Support...Lifting...Positive Attitude...Alkalizing Green Drink...Sleeping...Stability Ball...Cervical Roll...Drinking Water